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5 Tips You Must Do Before You Sell Your Home

1. Determine How Much Your Home Is Worth

Determine your home's fair market value will give you an idea if you are going to walk from the closing with money in your packet or if you are required to bring money to pay for all fees associated to the real estate transaction. Real estate agents can help you determine the value as a one of their services; it is called “A Compare Market Analysis” or “CMA.” But if you want take it a step further, you can order an appraisal report from a certified licensed appraisal giving you a more cleared pictured of who much a lender will accept to loan to the new borrower.

2. Know Your Mortgage Payoff


The easier way to figure out how much you still owe to your lender is to contact your lender to request the payoff amount for your current home mortgage. This amount is critical for your real estate agent to help you figure out your final closing costs.


3. Make Necessary Repairs

Check around the house and make a list with all the necessary repairs. Also, organize your front and back yard; many potential homebuyers tend to “drive by” the home before asking their real estate agent to schedule a showing. Another way to get ready for your buyer is to hire a home inspector and pay for an inspection report. A professional home inspector will look at things that any buyer would want to be fixed before they decide your home is their right house, this minimize renegotiations and potentially can save you money.  

4. Get the House Ready to Show

First impression is what it counts; great curb appeal will make your home more desirable to potential home buyers. Most houses need at least some spiffing up before they are ready shown to potential buyers. This is not hard to accomplish once you have taken the repairs out of the way, fresh paint indoors (and sometimes out), organized closets and cabinets, clean pool and deck, sparkling clean windows and appliances, and a clutter-free atmosphere that give the impression of open space are essential if you want the house to appeal to home buyers.

5. Listen To Your Feedback

If you are selling your home with a real estate agent, ask his/her to get feedback from the other agent that just showed your home, why? Because if they are not interested in your home they in most cases will want to help you out and tell you why they didn’t pick your home. This information will help you get ready for the next potential home buyer that comes along. 


By Bill Arce
2/2/2011 3:17:19 PM
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